Our Program


We Teach Important Life Skills

Being Helpful
Respect for People and Animals
Concern for our Earth

Physical Development

Gross Motor Development
– Use of the Large Muscles

To develop the motor skills of jumping, hopping, catching, & throwing.

These objectives are accomplished through the use of our gross motor equipment and through games & activities that we do inside and outside with safety in mind.

Fine Motor Development or Coordination
– Use of the fingers to be able to use building materials and manipulative equipment.

To be able to trace over a given design
To be able by graduation to print name and most letters legibly
To be able to use paste, scissors, pencils, crayons, & paint brushes.

Most of these objectives are accomplished through our art projects and lessons, all of which have a learning purpose in mind. Our projects coordinate with our units of discussion and serve to reinforce what we are learning plus improve fine motor coordination. Letters, numbers, colors, & shapes are also reinforced through our projects.

Emotional Development

To develop a positive self-image – To have feelings of self-worth
To develop confidence & independence
To increase a child’s attention span
To develop a respect for all living things & possessions
To develop responsibility
To develop a child’s creative ability and appreciation of art & music

We help the children learn how to verbalize & manage their feelings. We try to make the shy child secure & confident in his or her group and channel the aggressive child’s energy to acceptable outlets. We also try to change negative behaviors to more socially accepted ways. We encourage the use of manners & thoughtfulness to others through example & explanations.

Social Development

To learn to share & take turns
To develop friendships & work out difficulties that may arise.
To respect individual differences & develop thoughtfulness for others
To learn to follow classroom rules & directions
To participate in group activities

We try to help our children reach social independence by teaching them how to approach others and how to express to others their needs and/ or desires. We stress that our class is like one big family and that we are all friends. We try compromising and cooperation.

Language Development

To develop listening skills
To speak in group situations
To engage in conversation with children & adults
To improve pronunciation & increase vocabulary

Besides learning our Letters, we also work on Letter Sounds. We have group activities and projects connected with Speech Characters that represent common problems sounds. I provide a speech evaluation & eye screening for each child & report my results to the parents.

Intellectual Development

Reading Readiness
To develop left to right progression
To recognize letters & associate letter sounds with letters
To appreciate stories & knowledge from books
To increase visual memory
To recognize similarities & differences in letters, objects, etc.

To recognize numbers
To be able to count rationally
To recognize & name shapes, sizes, and colors
To understand simple math terms, such as, half, whole add, and take away

To develop curiosity & the ability to solve problems
To develop an awareness of our environment
To learn to use our senses
To develop observing & classifying

Most of the learning the children do is presented in such a way that they are unaware that they are learning. Of course, they think they are just playing. And they are!!! But, at the same time, the children are gaining in intellectual development through show & tell, group discussions, pictures, stories, group games, activities, trips, art projects, music, first hand experiences, and equipment that is available during free play. We build new concepts, expand on old ones, and help correct misconceptions. We teach through units. Everything we do during a given unit pertains to the unit topic.

Year to Grow Program:

5 half days per week
For children close to Kindergarten age and children whose parents want to give them an extra year of preschool
Kindergarten-level learning projects
Beginning reading skills

We Also Provide

Finger Printing by an Officer
Safety Presentation by an Officer
Fire Safety Day with the Sussex Fire Department
Picture Day with Peter Sharp of Sharp Images
Dental Office Trip
Native American Presentation
Holiday Parties
Health Presentation by a Nurse
Eye Screening
Speech Evaluation